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Spring 2016 Trends

Blog Entry 2

Eyes on Trends for Spring 2016:

“Grandeur”: Beautiful red in colorful scarves at Dolce & Gabbana in Milano. 

“Well Traveled”: Green is everywhere especially at Merci in Paris. 

“Noir Et Blanc”: Black and white showing up at the Louis Vuitton Foundation by Frank Gehry.

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It’s Deluxe, it’s De’Lovely


Traditional luxury had returned in fashion and home this fall.

Things like velvet, faux fur, brocade, jewel encrusted embellishment.
Dolce & Gabbana was showing beautiful rose tapestries, vintage inspired brocade dresses, and classic Italian design.

This translates into velvet and faux fur showing up in home as well. Luxury has crossed both ready to wear and home furnishings. In bedding in particular, when people are sleeping they want to be surrounded by luxurious bedding.

Classic damask duvet cover or black and white toile and a cashmere or fur throw.

Color wise rich, clear, jewel tone colors are showing up. Like a fine Merlot or regal purple continue the feel of luxury.